6 tips for keeping your legal fees to a minimum using Discount Legal Plan

People who are searching for legal services for a child custody case, a divorce, a traffic violation or an arrest find themselves stressed out and unsure of the next move.   Two questions we hear every day are, “How am I supposed to find the right attorney for my legal issue?” and “I can’t pay a lot of money up front to an attorney, but I gotta have one. How do I pay the attorney’s legal fees?”  To help educate you on the process of finding the proper help for your legal issue and staying within your budget, we have crafted a list of six pointers to guide you in the right direction and keep your legal fees to a minimum. 

The best tip for finding the correct lawyer is to find one in your area that you can speak with for a consultation. Finding a lawyer that you can afford, and one that can accept your case, may take several days or longer depending on your availability to hunt for one out of the dozens (and potentially hundreds) of attorneys that may be available in your city, county or state. 

You will need to call the attorney, meet with them, be assured they are skilled enough to handle your legal issue, agree on the financial costs that the attorney will charge to accept your case, which often can be thousands of dollars you must pay upfront as a retainer to retain the attorney’s services—and then, only after you’ve paid thousands of dollars for the retainer, the attorney will begin to fight for you.   

Does that sound like a lot of work to get an attorney? Sound expensive? 
The good news is you don’t have to endure all that hassle of hunting for an attorney, and you can alleviate some of the financial burdens by following the six pointers below to keep your fees to a minimum: 

  1. Analyze your expenses. Create a financial plan by reviewing your monthly expenditures. Are there any extra subscriptions, purchases or services that you don’t 100% need? Eliminate them and free up money. This will reveal how much you can afford each month to pay in legal fees. 
  1. Be organized. Before you meet with the attorney, take time to organize your thoughts and clearly identify all paperwork and documents.  
  1. Summarize. Mitigate busywork for the attorney by providing a summary of the key facts for your lawyer to review and refer to often.   
  1. Keep calls short and to the point. Time is money and most lawyers bill by the hour so prepare all questions prior to your calls.  
  1. Compare lawyers. Obtaining a few quotes from different lawyers will give you an idea of what the going rates are for your individual case and provide you the confidence needed to select the best option. 
  1. Finance your legal fees. You can avoid paying thousands of dollars upfront to your lawyer by using financing. 

For legal financing, rates typically range from 6% to 36% APR, depending on your credit score, income, debts and financial habits. Some people choose to sell their car, take another mortgage on their home, or use high-interest credit cards or predatory personal loans to pay their attorney.  The good news is, those options work but they should NOT be your first choice. There’s a better way to pay your lawyer.  

Discount Legal Plan provides you a low 15% interest-rate with no credit checks, so you can avoid using predatory high-interest rate personal loans and credit cards.  When you choose Discount Legal Plan, we pick the appropriate attorney for your legal issue from our nationwide network of affordable attorneys, allowing you to remove the hassle of wasting time comparing attorneys and negotiating fees.   

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to our customer service specialists today. 

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